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The Logos & Trademarks collection is a library of well-known corporate symbols and service marks used to advertise and display products and services. An invaluable asset for graphic designers and printers who need access to a wide range of logos for display and specialty advertising, sign making, and printing.

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All files are vector based, standard Illustrator EPS format for Macintosh and for Windows. For Windows user, a additional format in WMF format is available by special request. All trademarks represented in this collection are registered by their respective owners and designed for editorial and advertising use. Updates, released every 6 months, are available at a minimal charge.

Web Design:

They say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder and although in many cases that is true; when it comes to website design there is quite a strict formula to follow. These days, the average viewer will develop an opinion of the site in less than 5 seconds and this is why more and more businesses are turning to effective web design agencies for help with maximising their impact.

Hiring a web design company on a budget

The thing about website design is that different providers will charge varying prices. This has nothing to do with location – in fact, one of the governing factors relates to the experience of the design agency itself. The first thing that any business should aspire to do is to take a look at the gallery or portfolio belonging to the potential web design firm.

This should provide an idea of the quality provided, but it’s worth noting that the higher the quality, the more substantial the cost can be. This isn’t always the case however, especially when hiring an international agency to take care of the design work – but with so many risks involved in this option, more and more people are turning to local creative agencies instead.

But won’t they charge a bit more?

In some cases yes, these types of agencies can be more expensive – but for the reassurance that they offer, not to mention the sheer level of expertise that many of them bring to the table; it’s a wonder why people are only just starting to consider keeping things localised. Not only will you be able to work in the same time zone as your designer, allowing you to exchange ideas and collaborate closely; you might even find that they bring a new concept to the table – one that you won’t usually find when hiring a cheaper alternative.

And due to the competitive nature within the design field, prices are now at an all-time low and if your agency has quoted a cost that’s a little too high, simply let them know that it’s beyond your budget and they might even be willing to drop to meet your requirements.


Accountants and bookkeepers occupy one of the most popular professions in Australia. With hundreds of newly qualified financial specialists entering the market each year the field is becoming increasingly competitive, making their services more and more affordable to those in need. From individuals to businesses, plenty of people can benefit from accountant services and here’s a closer look at 3 helpful options that these types of financial experts provide.

Tax submissions

One of the most common reasons for hiring an accountant is that they are able to make the tax submission process much easier. Their expertise will undoubtedly mean that they can collate and provide information during a submission, allowing a business or individual to entrust their earnings, drawings and expenses with their bookkeeper without the additional stress.

Transaction recording

In order to ensure that all accounting is undertaken successfully, an individual must record their transactions via receipts and invoices. Fortunately this is something that accountants specialise in. It’s the job of a bookkeeper to record all transactions that go into a business and out of one; making things much simpler when it comes to defining expenses and earnings ready for the end of the tax year.

Money saving tricks

Plenty of businesses and individuals alike don’t realise just how many ways there are to save themselves money. Accountants understand the differences between expenses and drawings in a way that can allow a company to minimise their outgoings by classing certain spending habits as expenses. In small cases this can help to save anywhere up to a few hundred dollars, but for larger businesses this could translate to more substantial savings going beyond the tens of thousands.

Having a good accountant on board to take care of the technical side of business transactions can be very beneficial, especially for those that are keen to minimise their costs whilst maximising their profitability.