B&W; Masonic Symbols

Product Catalog – Masonic Logos & Trademarks

Logos & Trademarks is a vast 16,000-image library of corporate symbols and service marks used to advertise and display familiar products and services representing organizations, manufacturers and corporations. For ease of downloading this collection has been split into industry categories. The Fraternal category includes 218 logos, 86 color and 132 black & white logos – the complete listing is shown below. For some companies that have multiple logos or trademarks in use, each item is numbered incrementally.

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33 Degree
33 Emblem
4-14 Degree S.j
Am Legion 1
Am Legion 2
Am Legion Aux
Boy Scotts Au
Boy Scouts
Boy Scouts Arrow 1
Boy Scouts Arrow 2
Boy Scouts Ca
Boy Scouts Quebec
Boy Scouts Usa
Chief Of The Tabernacle
Cross & Crown
Daughters Of The Nile
Double Eagle
Eastern Star
Entered Apprentice
Fellow Craft
Foe 1
Foe 2
Gd Master Architect
Gd Pontiff
Girl Scouts
Honorary 33
Inspector Inquistor
Int’l Civitan
Intendant Of The Bldg
Interact Club
Intimate Secretary
Intl Civitan
Jaycees 1
Jaycees 2
Job’s Daughters
Keystone Chapter
Kiwanis Club 1
Kiwanis Club 2
Kiwanis Club 3
Knights Of Pythia
Koc 1
Koc 2
Koc 4th Degree
Kt Comm Court Of Honor
Kt Comm Of The Temple
Kt Kadosh
Kt Of Brazen Serpent
Kt Of Royal Axe
Kt Of St. Andrew
Kt Of The
Kt Of The Sword
Kts Of The East & West
Kts Templar 1
Kts Templar 2
Lions Club Intl 1
Lions Club Intl 2
Lions Club Sight
Lodge Of Perfection
Lutheran Brotherhood
Masons 1
Masons 2
Methodist Church
Moose Lodge
Most Excellent Master
Movper Grotto
Mr Ad Vitam
Mr Elect Of Fifteen
Mr Elect Of Nine
Mr Of The Ninth Arch
Nat’l Exchange Club
Nat’l Ruritan
Natl Ruritan
Order Of Demolay
Order Of Kts Of Malta
Past Master
Perfect Master
Pr Of Mercy
Pr Of The Tabernacle
Provost Judge
Prussian Knight
Rainbow Girls
Red Cross
Red Cross Of Constantinnene
Rose Croix
Rotaract Club
Royal Master
Royal Order Of Scotland
Scottish Rite 1
Scottish Rite 2
Scouts Canada
Secret Master
Select Master
Shield Of Shelter
Shrine Clown
Shriners 1
Shriners 2
Smiling Shriner
Sublime Master Elected
Sublime Prince
Super Excellent Master
Tall Cedars Of Lebanon
The Eye
The Problem
Top Hat
Triple Tau 1
Triple Tau 2
Vfw 1
Vfw 2
Vfw Ladies Aux 1
Vfw Ladies Aux 2
Vfw Sons Of
Walter League
White Shrine